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Hey guys,

I have an ING Savings account with ING Direct (Orange).. There interest rate is 2.20% and there is no minimum deposit or any fees at all. I know that if you opened an account by yourself, you can't get a the promotional 25 dollars free.. So, if anyone wants to open one..just tell me and I will send you a referral e-mail. ( I get 10 bucks for referrring and you get 25 for opening)

I've had it for almost a year now, and I love the interest I'm making.. if you wanna check it out.. go to www.ingdirect.com. (Its FDA insured up to 100,000 like normal banks)

I hope I dont' sound like an ad, lol but its so wonderful!!!! (PS- the interest rate at like commerce, pnc, etc is like 0.2%)

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