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My sister




Hallo Aunties!

I just wanted to blog to tell you how posh I am.

This is my sister Rita.  She is still winning stuff and being all clever and beautiful.  Although obviously not as clever and beautiful as me, cos she is still going to boring shows and having long hair and piggy tails and stuff.  I don't do that, so that makes me clevererer, doesn't it?  I think it would be very difficult to Bounce properly on Jasmine if I had long hair like her.  But I could win shows if I wanted, couldn't I?



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Yes you are.....clevererer than all of them!  And you have much more fun too.  Always nice to have a relative to brag about though.  You can tell people how sad it was when she was picked to be a show dog and not a "pet quality" dog (VERY high quality!) like you. She will probably roll her eyes at you but you know she secretly is desperate to be "pet quality" soon.....very soon.

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Hallo Auntie M!

Yes.  You are absolutely right.  We woz all v worried about Rita when she woz a pup, on account of her being very very very fat.   She had a pup name of Big Bertha!  Is being a butterball why she got held back and made to do long hair show stuff?  Poor thing! 

Glad I wozn’t a butterball.  Cato calls me fat, but i’m NOT.  He is just jealous cos I’m posh and bigger than him and can Bounce better!

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