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Our holiday




Hello Aunties!

Mum has finally got our holibob pics sorted, so I can show you!  Mum says that this time she kept forgetting to take pics, so there aren't many.  Phew!  She can go overboard on pics sometimes, can't she?

Anyway, it was a longlonglong way away.  Jasmine didn't come.  She went to stay with Auntie Holly and her sister Dolly, so we didn't have to put up with her trampling and fidgeting in the car crate.  That was good.  Though I don't like it when the pack splits up.  I don't like it at all!  But we had a new pack member for our holiday - Mam.  Mam is Dad's Mum.  So I think that makes her our GrandMam.  She is very nice, although she smells of Harry the Jack Russell.  He is VERY bouncy.  So he didn't come with us either.

Anyway.  This is our holiday den.  We have been here before.  I remembered!   Tara didn't.  But I did!




Dad had a snooker table to play with.  And I had Dad's feet to play with under the snooker table.  That was fun!  

And I dragged my toys under there too, and then Dad had to crawl under to get them out, and I could play with all of him, and lick his face cos he was down at my level.  I LOVE snooker tables!



This is where GrandMam slept


And this is where me and Mum and Dad and Tara slept


We had a special secret back door in our bedroom den, that led out onto the garden.  So when Tara had a bit of a squitty tum, Mum left the door open all night so she could go outside if she wanted.  She liked that.  Dad didn't.  He said it was too cold.  So Mum told him to use me as a hot water bottle and to stop complaining!  I like being a hot water bottle.

This is my holiday garden.  Last time we were here there was snow.  I prefer it like this.




and this is our den.  Our secret bedroom door is on the right of the big bay window.


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