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Whitby and Heartbeat Village




Hello Aunties!  

When we were on holiday we saw some tourist pirates from Whitby pier.  I didn't like being up so high, so Mum left me with Dad in the safe middle of the pier while she went and took dangerous pirate pics.  Dad said they weren't actually that dangerous if they couldn't even get the sails up, and had to use an engine.  Haha!



Mum forgot to take pics of Whitby, on account of me and Tara and GrandMam and lots of crowds, and it being market day.  I was very glad to sit in the cafe, nice and safe under the table.   Of course Tara wanted to be on Dad's lap.


The next day we went to Heartbeat.  And Harry Potter's train station.  Mum says I am not explaining it very well.  She says that the village is where they made the TV program Heartbeat, and the village station was Hogsmead in Harry Potter.  Or something.  We went there because GrandMam watches the TV program before bed.  

Mum says that Aunties who watch Heartbeat will know all about it, and I think that Aunties who don't watch Heartbeat can think about exciting sheep poo, instead.

This is the village shops.





This is a proper village house, not a tv house


This is the garage.


This is the pub.


We went in and had hamandeggsandchips in the pub, and Grandmam went in and used the toilets and Mum said that famous bottoms must have used the toilets before Grandmam did.  I widdled on the corner of the grarage.  Does that count?

Did you see Dad and me and Grandmam and Tara in the pics?

There were sheep wandering about!  All over the place.  And lots of sheep poo.  I wanted Mum to take interesting pics of interesting sheep poo, but she said that this blog is for Aunties, and Aunties are less interested in sheep poo than I am.  I never understand that.  Wot could possibly be more interesting than sheep poo?



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We have visited this place twice. It’s lovely isn’t it. 

 I love North Yorkshire, so very pretty. 

Glad you had a lovely time. Have you got a holiday booked this year? 

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I don't know how I missed this, but lovely! Looks as if you had a great holiday...
To Cato, Bing said he's more than interested in sheep poo, too bad you couldn't roll in it! :bouncesmile:

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