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3 days and counting.....



Well here it is 12:30 AM and since I can't sleep, just got home a short bit ago, thought I'd write a quick update. The play is coming together nicely. I do have my lines down but still get a little confused if I'm tired, such as tonight. I know I'll have it down by Friday for sure, :(

Can't believe that in 71 hours, the first of 9 performances will be over. I'm really getting excited now which is great, I live on pure adrenaline when show time comes, which is probably why I crash so hard after it's done. Tomorrow I'm off and I volunteered to paint the set walls first thing in the AM. I have the keys to the place and it will be a little eerie being there all alone, in that empty room, spooky in a way.

I can't wait for the first show! :D

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