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One week till Christmas and..................

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I am having a hard time getting into the shopping/holiday spirit. Don't get me wrong but I just can't get into the gift buying/decorating, hustle and bustle of it all. I want to be with people and celebrate and have a good time but I just can't get into the material aspect of the holiday season. Am I the only one who feels this way? I just think that since I have no small kids to buy/celebrate with, doing all this shopping/getting into debt is totally worthless and unnecessary to buy gifts for those who will not even use/appreciate what they get.


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No you're not the only one that feels this way. Thank God for Mark and Ian. I too feel w/all of the kids in our family getting older that it's just not the same. I am lucky to have them plus my sister and brothers younger kids it makes getting into the spirit a little easier. :)

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This was actually posted on another board, and yes, I have felt like doing this myself before! lol

Soooo interesting day for me, my last day at work today, get home at 3.00pm to see the Xmas tree tossed over the balcony, festive decorations all over the place and the other half having a kiniption :blink:

When to ask why this event took place the other half kindly tells me that middle child (child #2) proceeded to OPEN all of the Chrissy presents under the tree, and other kiddie lids in the household politely saying "this isn't what we wanted" in all the while the youngest all of 2 TWO is now disenchanted that Santa doesn't exist :doh:

So lovely other half packed up ALL of Christmas presents that were opened, put them in environmentally friendly shopping bags and donated them down, in front of the children I may say, to St Vinnies at Lane Cove.

Our tree has been tossed, kids presents been donated, going to be one hell of a day on the 25th December :biggrin2:

Soooo anyone else had a HUMBUG DAY :bye1:

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I saw this today and I was feel the same way before christmas and we are planning on going away for christmas and not getting in the buying material gift exchange this year, we are going to florida for this christmas and not getting presents and my kids are all for it, we have done this before and it felt fantastics to not have to have that feeling of having to shop for gifts that are not really meaning for the season.


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