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Cost of food vs cost of meds



Before Monkey had to be on Royal Canin hepatic formula, we had just opened a new bag of his dog food, a 6.8kg bag of Acana, which usually would last him more than three months. Since we were able to lower his liver numbers by a big chunk, we thought that it would be a good idea to mix his regular food in to see if come next checkup, it will affect the numbers. Before pouring out a portion, I asked my husband to shine a light in and check for molds. He said it would be fine but I insisted he check it first before the kibbles gets mixed up inside.

What did he find but two spots of hairy mold on the top. :crying:


It must be because it was summer here and it was super hot and the moisture got trapped in there. This didn't happen to us before.

I searched immediately if that was still safe to eat because I didn't want to throw the bag away - it was a big expense for us. I know it wasn't really safe but I was hoping to be proven wrong. Internet failed me. It was unsafe. 

Jokingly, I asked my husband how much Monkey's antibiotics cost. He answered me, "His blood test cost 2/3 the price of the bag."

Putting it in that perspective, it became easier for me to throw the food out. I still find it such a waste. Had I known it wouldn't last that long (we opened it in April) I should have just given it to my cousin. I remembered how sick Monkey was a month back when he had diarrhea and vomiting. It was not worth the risk of getting him sick.


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So glad you inspected the bag...moms always know what's best don't we

If you had the space you could always throw the bag in the freezer, mold can't grow and you only scoop out what's needed daily and let it come to room temp.

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Very glad you checked!   A useful lesson for us, since we have a bag of kibble but use it so rarely, this could happen to us.

I will check it in daylight, tomorrow.

Thank you!

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Temps around here are really high and we only use the A/C for a short time when it becomes unbearable. In the future, I should find cooler places to keep the bag in if we're still buying this size or just purchase smaller bags which would be more costly but safer.

I thought I had taken the best care of the bag by opening only a bit at the top and try my best not to get air in there as I pour a week's portion out but with temps like these (it was even higher then) it would understandably grow mold.  


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OH so glad you shone the light in there and found that. How awful it would have been if Monkey got sick and with it mixed you wouldn't even see the mold or know what caused it. Sorry for the loss of the bag but Good job finding that!

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Good job checking that bag!  And I know what you mean about cost.  I'm really cheap and don't generally buy anything we don't actually NEED (like food, etc.), because my DH is just the opposite and I have to give him an actual weekly allowance or he'd just spend until there was no money left. When I DO consider a non-essential item my measure of "worth-it-ness" is "How many entry fees is this?"  Since they are $30 per dog, per day, they add-up fast.  So if I want something that costs $60.00, my mind immediately says, "That's two entries, girl" and I'll usually pass, lol.

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