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Bad Mum




Aunties I'm sorry.  You know how I like Mum to write wot I say so that you can see my tail, and see how silly Tara is, and see our adventures?  Well Mum has been doing so much stuff that she hasn't been taking dictation!

There was the office chair Thing, where Dad's chair broke, and Mum's chair went to live with Dad, and Mum now sits on the grooming stool, which is hard, and her bum hurted until she got a cushion.  And that meant she didn't like sitting at the desk for dictation.  Though she always sits at it for her horrible Work Stuff. :angry2:

And there was the Lost Camera Thing, where Mum and Dad both thought they had lost the pic camera, but it turned up under the passenger seat of the car.  That is on Tara's side, so obviously that was her fault.

And there was the Lots of Boring Work Stuff Thing that has been going on since before my birthday!  Agesandagesandages.

But I have telled Mum that she HAS to start blogging again, or we won't let her come on our walks with us.  And she says she will.

Anyway, here are some of the pics that you have missed, from the lotsandlotsandlots of walks we haven't bloggified about, cos Mum is a BAD Mum.

That is Tara slobber on the lens again, says Mum.


Me having a pee on the buddleia


Bees on the Buddleia.  Do you think they are weeing too?


This is elder.  those bobbles are going to be berries.


Tara being a pest.


a lot


and a lot more



I just got bored, in the end


but then she went for my tail!!!!! :angry2:


the Entmoot




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Sometimes Mums have to do boring work stuff. They just have too. 

I love the buddleia , their flowers always smell so sweet, no wonder the butterflies love them! 

Love your pretty pink bows Tara ?

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I'm pretty sure your wee on the Butterfly Bush is going to make it even prettier!

How come Moms always have to give up their stuff when Dad's stuff breaks down...........tell Mom to go out and get herself a new chair, a better chair!

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oh, auntieM it was VERY complicated!  Dad had his favourite computer chair for ever and ever (Mum: 20 years!) but then something broke and he nearly fell over backwards ontop of me!!!

so Mum said he wasn't allowed to sit on it evereverever again.  And she used the stool and gave him her chair.  And got a sore bottom.  And Dad wanted to buy her a chair.  But Mum said all she needed was a softer cushion.

i like soft snuggly cushions too.  So i agreed.

it is much better now, cos the stool doesnt take up so much space, and i get to have my bed where i want it now.  Right next to Mum.  And there is room for Tara too.  When she isnt with Dad on the other side.  But Dad did buy Mum a new stool for grooming, so that is OK.  This new one is cream, and Tara is learning the new rolling noise.  She likes it when the stool rolls, cos she gets to go up on the table, with Mum, and gets lots and lots of attention! Haha!

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Yes, but you see.....that is what Mums always do - give to others when in need, make do with something else and get "taken for granted".  I insist you tell Dad to give her chair back or get her a new one!  A Mum working from home shouldn't have to sit on a stool with a pillow for hoursandhours.

Cato - I need you to be  a man about this because I know Tara doesn't care as long as SHE gets a good (best) pillow!  Sons have to stick up for their Mums.

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i will try AuntieM :wacko: but Mum doesn't always listen very hard when I tell her stuff.  I think she is a bit deaf sometimes.

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Oh what a smile on my face to read your blog and see you beautiful walks again :thumbup:

Now mom, listen to dad or your back will be bad as Auntie Crystals and that is no fun...take him up on a new comfy chair, you deserve it! Cato make her mind me will you LOL

And while I have your attention Cato...what you been eating boy? :uhm:   Tara will be picking on you again about your tummy :hysterical: Just playing sweetheart hahahaha

Hope to see more of your pictures and Tara doesn't hide the camera thing anymore 

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Me and Mum had a good chat about the chair, cos AuntieM said I had to.

And Mum says that she has ordered a special bean bag cushion thing that squidgifies to Mum's bottom, cos that is really good.  And she says that she woz quite glad to give the chair to Dad on account of her not being sure it was good for her variocose vein (she spelled that out carefully, but she still doesn't think she got it right).

So she says she likes the stool more than the chair and is really happy, once she gets the squidgy bottom thing sorted.

And she also says thank you for caring.  :pash:

AuntieCrystal, are you saying I am fat?  Cos it is all fur, you know.  I have a VERY furry tummy.

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Glad your listing to Auntie M, I'm sure Cato whispered in her ear and told her  :hysterical:

No, your not fat Cato, I was playing cause your hair is getting real fluffy like your tail now.....I love it when it turns cooler and you got you 'He Man hair' growed for winter :dede:

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