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Walk stuff




My turn!  Cato has been hogging the blogging lately, so I get to tell you all how awesome I am.  And wot fun we had.  and stuff like that.  And there are more skypics for AuntieCrystal too.

This bloggification is about 2 different walks, cos that is how clever I am!  I can do two walks at once!

This is when we went the Big Lake Park, and Mum accidentally picced all the wrong things.  She picced birds and flowers and Cato and all the boring stuff.  But there isn't a single pic of ME!  Isn't that awful!  But I don't mind, cos you know I woz there, and I can tell you all about it.

Boring thistles


Boring Vetch


Horrible bouncy big splashy dogs in the swimming area wot I won't go in cos they are scary.  Mum says that you can see wot a lovely day it woz from the sun and the sky and stuff.  It was very sniffy too!


Cato pretending that he wanted to go swimming.  And he says I have to point out his tail to you.  Cos he says it is looking particularly good.  Not as good as mine, of course, but then you can't see it, can you?  Cos Mum didn't pic it.  Bad Mum!


Scary swans





Interesting ducks.  Mum says she likes this pic cos of the light and the water and stuff.  YAWN!


This is something called Duckweed.  Ducks eat it.  Only there weren't any ducks eating it cos if there had been I would have eaten the ducks!!! haha!


These are the sky picses for AuntieCrystal.




And these are more ducks wot were being cowards and not letting me eat them.  Wimps!



Right, so that woz walk number 1.

This is walk number 2 in Town Park.  This woz the walk where Mum took all the Rose pics for AuntieCrystal's birthday (my birthday is coming up soon!  I want cake and pink fish and Dad to stay home ALL DAY) so you have seen all the Rose pics before, so I don't have to be boring and tell you all about them, and I can tell you all about the interesting sniffy stuff!

Cato showing off his tail AGAIN


Cato catching up.  I am still not in this pic, on account of me being good and staying near Mum and Dad and not wandering off sniffing everything and getting left behind and having to catch up.  That is cos I am a good girl and Cato isn't.  Good I mean, not a girl.  Of course he isn't a girl.  He's a boy.



These are me having sniffing adventures and exploring and stuff.  Cato is tagging along.




This pic is all about the MUD and not about Cato's tail.  He is very boring about his tail.


See my fountain?  And my bench?  And Cato asking for a drink and treats.  Mum had to give him a drink to stop him drinking the lake.  She said 'Noooooo Cato!  That lake is full of duck poo!  Have this nice clean water instead.'  But he really wanted to drink duck poo.


This is my fountain again.  And the sky.  And a big giant bird thing in the tree.  I thought about going swimming but then I decided not to.



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How wonderful to read your blog Tara, I've missed  your adventures so much. Don't forget to thank mom for my sky pictures and I also grabbed a few more lake ones that I will do something with one day. You made me laugh so hard little girl :roflmao:

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Well Tara......you see, Cato has to go farther afield cuz he's a boy!  He has to pee on EVERYTHING!  That means checking everywhere for virgin pee spots.

Thistles ARE boring but vetch is not!

And what about swans in the pond.......they are mean!  Be afraid, be very afraid of swimming with the swans!

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yes AuntieM, you are right! He sniffs and widdles and air-widdles all over!  Not like me.  I like to widdle at home on my nice gravel at the corner by the clemmatitus tub thing.  In private.  That is much better, isn’t it?  

Although I didn’t widdle last night cos it woz horrible cold wet windy and I wouldn’t go out. Uggghhhh!  I held it ALL NIGHT til the morning.  Cos I am clever.  


AuntieCrystal, I will tell Mum wot you said about liking the piccses, but really, it would have been better if there were more pics of me, wouldn’t it?  Mum says she will try harder next time.

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I just got back from town and while walking back to my car saw a sidewalk display of painted rocks - lots of different sayings and designs but the ones I liked said "wee rock".  You need one of those in your special widdle spot Tara :Booty:

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Sophie's Haven


Oh how I have missed your walks..........I love the Dog Swimming Area.......just a special place for paws.  And I did not miss the mud hole in one of the pictures but from the looks of you both you did not wander in it........The swan picture was beautiful.......they come into the world not so attractive but end up with such an amazing beauty. I agree with Auntie Marlene you both need your very own Wee Rock........pink for Tara and blue for Cato. Mum get to work.......would look great in your garden.

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Love your walks Cato and Tara. A special swimming area for you guys isn`t that nice? NOT for Karel! he is afraid of the water. And Cato; your tail looks so nice, you are one handsome boy :throb:

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