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    • angie418

      angie418  »  Marlene

      Hi Marlene, I hope all is well! You have given me great info in the past so I got a question. My 6yr old baby was bitten under her right front leg. I've no idea what bit her (that's my guess she was bitten by an insect).  Vets are so expensive I'm trying to home treat her. She's licking it like crazy obviously she is in some pain or discomfort. I took her to the groomers on Tuesday, on Wednesday notice excessive 'licking'. Took her back to groomer to inquire is maybe accidentally cut her. Of course they said "no" and said it looked like a bite. As I looked at it in more detail, it really looks like a bite. So wondering if you can suggest some home remedies ( as I said I can't afford a Vet at the moment). I've been using Coconut Oil (because she licks the area), it seems to help sooth it. I put NEOSPORIN on yesterday and made a homemade collar...using a towel around her neck to prevent licking. She is still in discomfort - it was suggested by the groomers to give her Benadryl (according to her weight and size). I haven't done that yet. I hate to see my baby so uncomfortable. Any suggestions? Thanks!
      · 0 replies
    • angie418

      angie418  »  Marlene

      Hi Marlene! It's been almost a year since I chatted with you. My furbaby Diamond was sick. Sent him to doggy-land 9/2017. Still not over it! However, a friend gave me her Shih Tuz (5 years old) a couple of weeks ago. I'm stressed trying to figure out a diet for her. Her former owners said she ate table food...doesn't sound right, because she appears to be in good health for her age. As I said, I've had her for a couple of weeks...she will not eat the dry food they gave me. So I'm mixing wet with the dry of which she is eating it together. I think she has allergies...she scratching and she has mucus in her eyes. I spent so much money on Diamond, I'm in a financial crunch. When I got this furbaby, the lady said she had no health conditions. So my question is finding the right (affordable) diet for her and how often to feed her during the day...or just leave the dry food for her to eat when she gets hungry??? Thanks so much for listening (reading)!!
      · 1 reply
    • PipsMom


      will be the 1st time hey. I'm say hey 
      · 11 replies
    • Marlene

      Marlene  »  PipsMom

      Pip's Mom can you PM me the URL so I can share it with my Boxer buddies who will just say......yeah - that's the way it is.
      The funny thing is....it's hard for Boxers to howl - probably not in their DNA but some of them are big time talkers who will complain and tell you off at the drop of a hat.
      · 1 reply
    • laurenspuppy


      It feels good to be back. Hello guys! 
      · 2 replies
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