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Lil Missy & Molly

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My Birthday!?



Hi Aunties, Molly here to tell you All about My Big 1 year Birthday!! It Was Grand!! :D

member i told ya that I picked out my birthday cake recipe? Yup I did, here I am!


Then I got to pick out my pan! I decided no cupcakes for me, I Wanted the Big Bone Cake!!


i’ll Tell ya bout My Cake later! Ya gotta hear bout My Day First!!

i got to pick my breakfast! Soo daddy made me Pancakes!! I picked banana blueberry pancakes!! They were soooo yummy!! 

Then I got ready for My day! Me an Missy are Ready— Lets GO!!


OK we’re there Aunties! Mommy found a new park for us to go to!!



I’m soooo excited i’m Jumping right outta my seat!!


we’re Off exploring!!


i’m Soooo Happy! Today been the Best! Full of sniffs and other doggies and people!!  A Perfect Bday!!2C4B1969-35E1-42DA-B4E9-61AA853C37EB.jpeg

i’s Ready to go home now, it was a Big time we had!


Me an Missy need a nap now! Hmmmm Maybe the Bday Bunny will come while we’re sleeping! ;) 


Awesome, he came Aunties!! The Bday bunny brought me Toys!!


And one for my friend Missy too!


Oh Boy it’s time for My Special dinner now! Salmon, My fave!!


It’s Party Time, I just knows My cake is up there!!


It’s MY Cake Missy, NOT Yours!! 


Look Aunties I took a Big bite outta it!! It’s sooooo good! Mmmmm!!


Oooh Aunties i’s Stuffed!


and sleepy! WOW what a Great Bday I had, i’s gonna dream bout this for a looong time! Thanks for sharing My day with me! :bear:


Aunties, Mines Next, i’m Planning MY Bday party Right Now!!:throb: Missy


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That is what dreams are made of!  And now you have had one birthday, you can look forward to all the rest, too.

There will be lots of them. :bdaycake::cheer:

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Happy Happy FIRST Birthday Molly...... You are gorgeous sweetie :throb: 


Oh my word...... this story is Superb :clap:

MM your storytelling gets better and better :book:

Pix 1: Thats how I pictured it.... You and Molly checking out the cake :bdaycake:recipes..... Too cute for words.... I am melting......:cloud9:

Pix 2: Oh My - so well thought out ?  -- I see Molly the birthday girl had her eyes on the blue bone tin...while Missy wanted Cupcakes like my pup :blush: 

Pix 3: Adorable of them both in the gorgeous sunshine :sun:..... Missy your hair is looking fab! 

Pix 4: How excited the birthday girl is :bear: 

Pix 7: Such a gorgeous girl you are Molly....I was going to say this has to be a siggy forever and your Mom figured that out and it is your siggy ?

Pix 12: Yes, it is all about their expression - great capture MM!

Pix 13: Oh my gosh.... My pup :baby:  is melting in love with Molly..... We think you look stunning in your designer ?dress......

Tell us more about your masterpiece of a delicious cake? What are the ingredients?  And of course we want to know about the Frosting? It didn't stain your fur now did it?  I bet Mom and Dad ate a big piece of it.  

You did save me some right?  I will have to wear my snood :blush: 

Thank you :signthankspin: Molly, Missy and MM for a wonderful fun loving story ..... We love and appreciate your posts....

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Thank you sooo much Auntie BB and sweet Carrera! Carrera I Knew you’d Love my ice cream dress!!? oooh my Cake was delicious! It was peanut butter, applesauce and pumpkin, yummmm! And the icing was my favorite yogurt and peanut butter! Nope no stains on my beard!! Of course I saved you a Great Big piece!!??

Thanks for sayin how nice my hair looks Auntie!! i’m planning My Bday now, My cakes gonna be Betterthan Molly’s!! ?❤️

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Happy Birthday sweetheart!!! It looks like your day was wonderful! I'm sending a big kiss to you from Bristolle Noel and Dolly ???

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